Vicki Martin

Partnering Facilitator – Account Manager

Mobile: +1 (760) 505-2141

Office: +1 (916) 374-0455

Since 2001 Vicki Martin has been working with Businesses and teams in the commercial construction industry.  Her roles in sales and leadership skills training give Vicki a unique perspective and effectiveness. She brings to GLA clients the ability to communicate clearly, think quickly and gain consensus to mitigate conflict and drive actions that will bring teams together for mutual beneficial results, making her an invaluable resource.

Vicki specializes in Construction Partnering and Facilitated Dispute Resolution (FDR). She also earned her certificate in Dispute Resolution form Cornell University in 2020. 

Throughout her career, Vicki has been  recognized as a change agent and role model garnering numerous awards.  She worked  tirelessly for many years on committees developing high performing teams in local chapters of the BIA, CMAA, ASPE, NAWIC and currently the AGCSD. 

Vicki continues to serve the construction industry as a board member of the Engineering General Contractors Education and Scholarship Foundation, facilitating scholarships with SDSU and advancement opportunities for young adults looking to enter the construction workforce.  She also serves on the AGC San Diego Education Committee and Engineering General Contractors Committee. Vicki participates on the liaison committees with the AGC and the local agencies: Caltrans District 11, Port Authority, Airport Authority, SD County Water Authority and NAVFAC. 

In 2019 we asked Vicki to focus on our Partnering relationships in Southern California. As a resident of San Diego she is well positioned to serve our customers and agencies in the markets of San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Kern Counties.