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Phil George is a Civil Engineer licensed in California, Oregon and Washington. He has first-hand experience in the inefficiencies and lose-lose results (regardless of who “wins”) when contracting parties turn to attorneys, arbitrators and judges for resolution.

Phil started his engineering career with Stimpel-Wiebelhaus Associates, Inc. where he bid and managed construction projects, designed falsework, shoring, controlled blasting, bridges, aggregate plants, quarries and obtained permits from multiple State and Federal Agencies.

He also served as President of WBA Engineering Services, Inc. in Redding California who provides a wide range of Civil Engineering and Surveying services for public and private owners.

Phil is a member of many national engineering and technical societies, and is the recipient of many awards to include three Federal Highway Administration awards, Army Corps of Engineers Safety Award, Caltrans Partnering Expert Award, ODOT Third Party Neutral, Army Corps of Engineers Partnering Award, Bureau of Reclamation Safety Award. He is on the Caltrans Qualified DRB & DRA Lists, and Association Value Specialist (SAVE International)

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