Project/Program Managers & Construction Managers

You are the Owner’s eyes and ears on the project!

While you are entrusted to protect the Owner’s interest, your true client is the Project!

Mitigating risks, and keeping the Project on schedule within contract budget, without compromising safety or quality, is a skill and an art!

Having the right Partnering Facilitator as part of your Project team, who also shares the same values, is just as important to the success of the Project!

GLA proudly offers CDM for CMs/PMs.

Collaborative Dispute Mitigation (CDM) system is taylor-fit to your Project team and led by a certified GLA neutral facilitator throughout the duration of the Project.

It is our approach for preventing potential disputes to keep the project progressing. It is a comprehensive Dispute Prevention and Dispute Resolution system for high value construction projects.

Using CDM, we will guide your project team in:

  • Aligning top project leadership
  • Creating a measurable system of project partnering goals
  • Customizing a dispute mitigation toolbox for your project
  • Positioning the project for awards and recognitions
Stakeholders PM/CM