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Is Partnering still available for our projects, despite the Social Distancing regulations?

Yes! Our business never stops, and we continue to deliver Partnering Sessions virtually until in-person meetings are safe for all attendees. GLA has been able to implement and deliver effective Virtual Partnering Sessions on all of our projects. Read more about how GLA is adapting our services to the social distancing regulations.

What is the rate for a virtual session?

We now offer Construction Partnering Subscription plans that include UNLIMITED Virtual Partnering Sessions to all our clients. Please view our Construction Partnering Packages to get more information.

How long is a Virtual Session?

No more than 90 minutes! The idea being to have a higher impact by increasing the frequency with UNLIMITED Virtual Partnering Sessions that increases time management efficiencies to the team.

Who should attend a Partnering Session?

Key Stakeholders representing the Owner, Contractor, and Project Management, important third-party entities, and key subcontractors.
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