I-15 Mountain Pass

Project Description

This project constructed a new Agriculture Inspection Station facility on the California side of the state line, just south of Primm, Nevada. This new facility serves only passenger cars and trucks. Big rigs use a separate facility that requires them to exit 1-15 before the new Agricultural Inspection Station.

The newly aligned 1-15 just over the state line allows commercial trucks to access the California Highway Patrol Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility and now four lanes of passenger vehicle traffic continue through the new Agricultural Inspection Station for inspection.

Also included in this project is the dismantling the old Agricultural Inspection Station on southbound Interstate 15 in Yermo, CA.

Partnering Success

This highly complex and vital project with multiple stakeholders, including state agencies and jurisdictions, was successful thanks to a sustained and consistent partnering effort. In early project stages, a state agency rejected a key aspect of the overall project plan, causing the first critical path item to be shut down before construction began. To resolve this issue and keep the project on schedule, a partnering change order was implemented immediately to agree on a new plan. This partnering streamlined the change order and state approval process, and the work was implemented on schedule.

Partnering on a project of this size and scope was crucial to ensuring a steady and constructive flow of information sharing. With many stakeholders, unreliable cell phone coverage in the remote desert and long distances between the Project Mangers’ office and the Resident Engineers office, regular project meetings were held at the jobsite. This partnering led to early resolutions of any potential problems that helped the project stay on time and under budget.

Project Overview

Medium Project: $10-$50 million


Project ID:

08 368514

Contract Duration:

472 days

Contract Completion:

July 2019

Project Team



Client Project Partnering Lead:

Darcy L. Davis, Resident Engineer

Contractor Project Partnering Lead:

Muin Mustafa, Project Manager, Granite Construction


Holly Parrish-Bezner, GLA Facilitator


2020 Caltrans Excellence in Partnering Award – Silver

The Joint Port of Entry - Phase 2, a highly political/ multi-agency project with complex scheduling and budgeting challenges, was successful only because the Contractor Project Manager and the Caltrans Resident Engineer identified 'Partnering' as the key to accomplishing project goals before starting any work. The GLA facilitator recognized the energy and helped to promote the project team's solutions to the various stakeholders and enlist their support. Cal fire believed in the team and navigated us through the SFM permits to early acceptance of the Fire System Well and later with the Occupancy Permit. California Highway Patrol coordinated brief, targeted by-pass lane shut downs to keep the traveling public moving through. So Cal Edison gave the project scheduling preferences in order to implement their design plan change from over to under freeway. Waterboards returned a quick review to allow the facility to be occupied just in time to meet the projects opening to the public.