Highway 70

Project Description

This important project added several essential safety improvements to the State Highway 70 corridor in Butte County. The existing two-lane highway will be widened to five lanes, which will provide safer passing opportunities in an area with higher than average collision rates. The additional lanes will allow the highway to meet the region’s anticipated future population growth and economic development. Additionally, the project includes widened shoulders, drainage system improvements and safety enhancements at school bus stops.

Partnering Success

The Highway 70 project was both ambitious and highly complex. A comprehensive partnering program pushed all team members to improve communication, enhance efficiency, and effectively work together to resolve even the smallest of issues before they grew into larger problems.

From the beginning of the project, the partnering team worked collaboratively with all parties to identify opportunities to improve safety for both the general public and project workers. For example, two 11-foot temporary lanes in the initial plan were changed to two wider, 12-foot temporary lanes, without having to create new center divide lines or rumble strips. Effective project partnering like this saved the project both time and money while enhancing safety.

Debris removal from the devastating Camp Fire in Paradise, California impacted the Highway 70 project before construction even commenced. A significant change order was needed to improve the structural section of the roadway. Collaborative partnering and information sharing enabled the project team to integrate these changes and complete the entire vital project without any increased costs or construction time lost.

Project Overview

Medium Project: $10-$50 million


Project ID:


Contract Duration:


Contract Completion:

April 2020

Project Team



Client Project Partnering Lead:

Ryan Johnson, Resident Engineer

Contractor Project Partnering Lead:

Sara Weimer, Teichert Construction


Dina Blake, GLA Facilitator


Nominee 2020 Partnering Success in Motion Award

"Partnering allowed the team to better communicate open/punch list items as well as modifications in the field. This meant quality standards could be exceeded due to the time and cost efficiencies the team collected. Members felt increased ownership and responsibility to the project and the team because of the working relationships built during partnering."