Highway 65

Project Description

State Highway 65 in Placer County is one of the most heavily traveled and congested freeways in the region. This vital route connects Interstate 80 in the cities of Roseville and Rocklin to the Marysville and Yuba City region. Widening Highway 65 will relieve congestion and enhance safety for commuters. This first phase of the $115 million project adds a third southbound lane between the Blue Oaks Boulevard and the Galleria Boulevard/Stanford Ranch Road interchanges, adds an auxiliary lane from Pleasant Grove On-Ramp to the Galleria Off-Ramp, and widens the Galleria Off Ramp to two lanes. The estimated cost of this initial phase is 21 million dollars.

Partnering Success

With a project of this size and scope, partnering was essential to completing the job on time and under budget. From the beginning, effective and constant communication at all levels was critical. Regular partnering meetings to discuss activities and address any potential problems were conducted with stakeholders at all levels, from the State to subcontractor project managers to local leaders. This level of collaborative communication was critical to minimizing the project impacts to the traveling public and local residents and businesses. The challenging Highway 65 project involved several mid-project changes that had the potential to slow progress to a halt and drive up costs. When a $600,000 change order was needed to address a critical roadway elevation issue, partnering through collaborative planning and coordination allowed this important change to be successfully completed while keep the rest of the overall project on schedule

Project Overview

Medium Project: $10-$50 million


Project ID:

EA 03-0H26U4

Contract Duration:

210 days

Contract Completion:

October 2019

Project Team



Client Project Partnering Lead:

Jeff Johnson, P.E., Resident Enginer

Contractor Project Partnering Lead:

Dan Erskine, Project Manager, Flatiron West, Inc


Dina Blake, GLA Facilitator


2020 Caltrans Excellence in Partnering Award