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Proactive Package

Kickoff Partnering Session

All primary stakeholders should be invited to this Session. Project leadership team may also consider inviting vital third parties (i.e. Utilities, Permitting, and Resource Agencies) when deemed appropriate. Virtual Kickoff Sessions are typically conducted in 60-90 minutes. It is encouraged that this session takes place after an initial Executive Alignment Session to set the tone for the Project team members and lay the foundation for project success.


Construction Partnering Team on a work site.
Construction Team Working on a project

Who Should Attend

Kickoff Partnering Session Services

Construction partners discussing project with team members

Virtual Monthly Partnering Update Session

Project leadership team may request the assistance of GLA Partnering Facilitator outside the normally scheduled Follow Up Partnering Sessions. This assistance can be during regularly scheduled project weekly meetings, or to assist in facilitating outcomes for topic-specific meetings to keep the project progressing. The Virtual Monthly Partnering Update Session is typically conducted within 60 to 90 Min

Monthly Online Project Goals Measurement

We will track project KPIs established during the Kickoff Partnering Session, analyze specific areas of improvement, capture Safety and other project innovations, as well as utilize the data we collect as an advanced tool for Dispute Prevention by creating a proactive plan to deal with identified project risks and potential disputes.

Closeout Partnering Session

Close-out Partnering Sessions are designed to capture all remaining items to successfully conclude the Project. The Close-out Session is typically held in person for 3-4 hours or conducted virtually for 60-90 minutes.


Plane flying over construction management project
Construction Project Lit up at Night

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Closeout Session Services

Construction Team Member Working On a Project

Partnering Awards Application

Assistance with the application process for awards.

Team Member Working on Scuff Folding for Construction Project


Follow Up Session

Follow-up Sessions are conducted on a quarterly basis to align with the project team issues. The Follow-up Session is typically conducted virtually for 60-90 minutes or held in person for 3-4 hours.


Partnering Team on a Construction Site
Contractors Work on Project on top of Scaffolding

Who Should Attend

Follow-up Session Services

Partnering Manager Organizes Construction Team with his Radio

Executive Session

Executive Sessions are designed to align the Key Decision Makers prior to the Kickoff Partnering Session to form one cohesive leadership team with common project goals. This Executive Team will serve as the top-level on the Issue Resolution Ladder established, prior to taking any dispute to a third-party for resolution (DRB or Mediation). Executive Sessions are strategic in nature and not technical. They set the tone and direction for the entire project team to follow.
A concise agenda and deliverables are established beforehand to optimize everyone’s time, and the sessions run typically 2-4 hours in duration. Quarterly follow-up meetings are held to periodically reassess and ensure full project alignment, with the option to schedule special sessions as needed. The Executive group should not exceed 12 participants.


Construction Crane in the Process of Building Supports for a Project
GLA Workers reinforcing Concrete with Rebar for Building Construction

Executive Session Services

Facilitated Dispute Resolution

A Facilitated Dispute Resolution (FDR) session is designed as a Partnering tool to resolve disputes at the project level prior to engaging a third party such as the Dispute Resolution Board (DRB).


GLA desings
bridge construction services by gla

FDR Session Services