A Moment with GLA

Watch as various professionals in the construction industry spend a moment with GLA to talk about Partnering, construction news, and much more.

Interview with Eric Anderton

At what point did you realize you had a passion within the construction industry, and what fuels your passion?

What is your top tip for leadership in 2021?

What advise would you give your 30 year old self?

Interview with Alex Medyn

What are the attributes of the I-405 project and what is so unique about it?

What is the safety record for this particular project, and what are the mitigation measures for workers and public safety?

What is your vision for 2021 and the future of our industry?

What advice would you give your younger self if you could?

Interview with Lisa Bracero

What is one skill that you have developed that helps you excel in your career?

How do you balance work and your involvement in the community?

How did you end up in the construction industry and what do you wish you had known when you first started in the construction industry?

Interview with Sam Hassoun

How did you overcome the many challenges of 2020?

How is GLA going to make an impact in the construction industry in 2021?

What advice would you give your younger self, if you could?

Interview with Devin Porr

How did you get introduced to Partnering?

How challenging is it to get other construction professionals involved in partnering?

How did Caltrans determine that projects valued over $10 million should require partnering?

Why do you think the private sector hasn't taken on Partnering yet?

How has Partnering Changed Since COVID 19?

What was your experience with the Virtual Caltrans partnering Award Ceremony like?

A Moment with GLA