Jumpstart Package

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Kickoff Session Included

All primary stakeholders should be invited to this Session. Project leadership team may also consider inviting vital third parties (i.e. Utilities, Permitting, and Resource Agencies) when deemed appropriate. The Kickoff Session is typically held in person for 3-4 hours or conducted virtually for 60-90 minutes. It is encouraged that this session takes place after an initial Executive Alignment Session to set the tone for the Project team members and lay the foundation for project success.


  • Achieve consensus on what Partnering is and why it is essential for this project
  • Assess and establish project key goals
  • Create a Partnering Charter
  • Identify opportunities and challenges for the project
  • Introduce Dispute Prevention and Resolution tools
  • Create performance measurements, to ensure that project Partnering stays on track
  • Establish monthly online monitoring and evaluation of Partnering goals
Who Should Attend:
  • Key stakeholders who represent the Owner, Contractor and Project Management
  • Designer of Record 
  • Resource and funding entities who approve changes
  • Environmental Liaison Coordinators
  • Maintenance representative who will ultimately inherit the final product
  • Public Information Officer assigned to the project
  • Critical Third Parties: stakeholders, other agencies, utilities, etc., and anyone who could potentially stop or delay the project.
Kickoff Partnering Session Services (Provided by GLA):
  • Session preparation, to include phone interviews of key stakeholders prior to the session
  • Initial communication with the project team, to include an email calendar invitation to all attendees with full event details
  • Professional facilitation with all session materials
  • Online access to monthly Partnering evaluation and monitoring system
  • Session report and feedback from participants e-mailed to key stakeholders
Online Measurement Included
  • Track project goals established at Kickoff Partnering Session
  • Analyze specific areas of improvement
  • Utilize data as Dispute Prevention tool
  • Develop a proactive plan for items of project risks and potential dispute
Virtual Partnering Update Session - Monthly

Project leadership team may request the assistance of GLA Partnering Facilitator outside the normally scheduled Follow Up Partnering Sessions. This assistance can be during regularly scheduled project weekly meetings, or to assist in facilitating outcomes for topic-specific meetings to keep the project progressing. The Virtual Monthly Partnering Update Session is typically conducted virtually for 60-90 minutes.

Closeout Session Included

Close-out Partnering Sessions are designed to capture all remaining items to successfully conclude the Project. The Close-out Session is typically held in person for 3-4 hours or conducted virtually for 60-90 minutes.

  • Review project goals and achievements
  • Assess any remaining or open items and plans for successful completion
  • Lessons Learned: What worked well on the Project to repeat on future projects?
  • Improvement opportunities for future projects
  • Celebration and Project Team recognition planning
Who Should Attend:
  • Key stakeholders representing Owner and Contractor who worked on the Project
  • Major subcontractors and suppliers
  • Public Information Officer assigned to the project
  • Critical Third Parties and Resource Agencies who played a major role on the Project
Closeout Session Services (Provided by GLA):
  • Preparation and analysis of project Partnering data
  • Professional facilitation with all materials, agendas, and handouts
  • Lessons Learned documentation
  • Assistance and training on Awards Application criteria
Awards Application Included
  • Proactively align the project team members and stakeholders towards a showcase Award-Winning Project
  • Continuously have the focus of project team members on what’s best for the Project
  • Inspire project team members to go the extra mile and be proud of their accomplishments
  • Promote Value-Engineering and Innovation