A Moment with GLA

Watch as various professionals in the construction industry spend a moment with GLA to talk about Partnering, construction news, and much more.

Girmay Beyene

Senior Resident Engineer – Caltrans

Elisa Pratt

President & CEO – Brewer Pratt Solutions LLC

Christy Connors

Deputy District Director – District 8, Caltrans

Jacquelyn Wong

Central Laboratory Chief – METS, Caltrans

Tony Meyers

Executive Director – Department of Water Resources

How would you describe your professional journey?

What would you say one of your key strengths is?

Who were the mentors and influencers that led by example and left an impact on your career?

What do you value about Partnering most?

What advice would you give your 30-year-old self?

What will be the Tony Meyers legacy?

Rose Casey

Orange County Transportation Authority

How did you end up in the construction industry?

Rose talks about her experience with Partnering

What is one of the top lessons learned in your experience with Partnering?

How would you describe your experience in Partnering virtually versus in-person, and is there still the benefit there?

What opportunities for growth have you experienced in your career?

What advice would you give your 30 year old self?

Pamela Marquez

Acting Central Region Construction Division Chief, Caltrans

How did you end up in the construction industry and what is your role?

What challenges have helped you to grow in your career?

What would say is one of your better skill sets that have helped you in the construction industry?

What advice would you give to your younger self?

How familiar are you with Partnering?

Alex Medyn

Project Director – OC 405 Partnership

What are the attributes of the I-405 project and what is so unique about it?

What is the safety record for this particular project, and what are the mitigation measures for workers and public safety?

What is your vision for 2021 and the future of our industry?

What advice would you give your younger self if you could?

Devin Porr

Assistant Chief Engineer – Caltrans

How did you get introduced to Partnering?

How challenging is it to get other construction professionals involved in partnering?

How did Caltrans determine that projects valued over $10 million should require partnering?

Why do you think the private sector hasn't taken on Partnering yet?

How has Partnering Changed Since COVID 19?

What was your experience with the Virtual Caltrans partnering Award Ceremony like?

Cory Thomas-Fisk

Partnering Facilitator, GLA Corp.

How did you end up in the construction industry?

How important was the guidance you received throughout your career?

How have you balanced work life and home life during the pandemic?

What is it about Partnering that interests you the most?

What advice would you give to your 30 year old self?

Vicki Mattia Martin

GLA Construction Partnering Facilitator

How did you get into the construction industry and what is it about the industry that you love so much?

How does your involvement in your community and in the construction industry help add to your perspective and style of Partnering with project teams and agencies?

How easy, or difficult, is it in your Partnering sessions get the contractor, or the agency, to think outside of the box?

What is your experience with clients who are new to Partnering compared to those who are very familiar with Partnering?

What are some of your best Partnering experiences?

How soon should a team Partner in order to ensure that disputes are prevented?

How more effective have Partnering sessions become since going completely online?

What advice would you give your 30 year old self?