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No. According to Arcadis Global Construction Disputes Report, the average cost of one dispute is $54.26 million and the average length of a dispute is 13.4 months long. The costs for Partnering, however, are small when a project is delivered within the owner’s budget, at a profit for the contractor, and on or ahead of schedule.

Costs are usually split 50/50 between the owner and the contractor. The owner can reimburse a contractor for its Partnering costs under a cost-plus-fee contract, however, by contractually treating them as allowable costs.

Think about Partnering at the inception of the project, with candid discussion about its benefits during bidding, and again with the designers and subcontractors as they are selected for the project. However, even if the project is already active, it is never too late to begin Partnering.

GLA has recognized that based on over 20 years of professional partnering facilitation of hundreds of projects totaling over $50 Billion, the successful outcome of project safety, on-time delivery, and optimum quality within budget requires proactive leadership and continuous resolution of project issues that arise between quarterly partnering sessions. Often the case, by the time quarterly sessions are coordinated, scheduled, and held, those early issues have turned into disputes and conflicts. Rather than spending time, energy, and resources on conflict and dispute resolution, investment in Dispute Prevention through shorter monthly sessions and more focus on current project issues have led to early resolution and yielded remarkable success.

It has been proven that holding Partnering Sessions only when issues or conflicts arise has cost the project additional time, cost, and stressful relations that could have been avoided had those issues been identified and resolved early on. Deploying Partnering Sessions after conflicts and tensions are heightened very rarely result in restoring relations or salvaging project schedule and budget. That is why GLA has adopted early and frequent monitoring and detection of potential issues before they turn into disputes through monthly tracking and facilitation, in addition to the quarterly sessions required by specification. It is an investment in Dispute Prevention vs Dispute Resolution.

Additional specialized Sessions when needed can be scheduled separately in coordination with your GLA Partnering Facilitator to ensure proper and adequate preparation for the intended results.