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Case Studies

Southbound Dunsmuir Grade | Excellence in Partnering Award - Silver (Greater than $50 Million)

“Through partnering, Caltrans and J.F. Shea Construction successfully reduced a three- season project to two seasons at a savings of more than $3 million.”

This project involved reconstructing 21 lane-miles of southbound I-5 located near Mount Shasta, in a mountainous area subject to heavy snowfall, heavy truck traffic, and steep road grades.With an arduous effort to work long hours, multiple shifts, and with several operations at once, the project team effectively completed half of the work in under six months, leaving the remaining 11.2 miles to be completed during the second season. Furthermore, the successful and well-renowned partnership between J.F. Shea, Caltrans, and CHP made it possible to keep the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility open while avoiding significant project delays.

Torrey Meadows Bridge OC | Excellence in Partnering Award - Bronze (Under $10 Million)

Not only was the project completed successfully, but the team completed the Torrey Meadows Bridge Project over a month ahead of schedule and over $400,000 under budget.

Although this project did not require Construction Partnering, its project team decided to make an investment into their success through facilitated partnering sessions. Each member of the project team, from subcontractors to tradesmen, became an active proponent for partnering as well as a significant facet in the project’s achievements. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the team noted a decrease in traffic, which motivated them to increase closure windows and streamline their construction timeline.

I-880 & SR - Ramp Improvements | Excellence in Partnering Award - Gold (Greater than $10 Million - Less than $50 Million)

“Having completed the I-880 & SR-84 Ramp Improvement project on time, over $500,000 under budget with no claims, this project team deserves their partnering award!” -Caltrans Awards Team

Caltrans District 4 and Ghillotti Construction had their work cut out for them with many limited work windows due to environmental impact, working around unforeseen BAIFA fiber optic infrastructure, among other limitations. After many brainstorming sessions of how to mitigate the BAIFA fiber optic issues not reflected in the plans, Caltrans and Ghillotti Construction executed a collaborative effort to expedite the design and gather the needed materials. Having successfully prevented a major increase in project cost and schedule, resolving the BAIFA infrastructure conflict also kept the team on schedule to complete the majority of the project’s HMA work

Hwy 70 Widening Segment 1| Excellence in Partnering Award - Gold (Greater than $10 Million - Less than $50 Million)

Thanks to partnering, the Highway 70 Widening project was successfully completed within 96 days and with zero recordable safety incidents!

The first of five phases with a tight original timeline of 102 days, the Caltrans and Teichert Construction project team took several innovative opportunities to improve construction site safety, resulting in a decrease in the original cost of the stagework as well as an increase in the safety of their team working on-site and the public. With 100,000 cubic yards of roadway excavation to be completed and replaced in a matter of 20 days, the team successfully completed this feat through vigilant communication and extensive but timely quality assurance and quality control testing.

Construct CRCP Overlay, HMA-A; Lighting | Excellence in Partnering Award - Bronze (Greater than $50 Million)

Subheading (the bolded portion under the title as in the other case studies) Even when challenged with new technology, an anticipated 4-month delay was removed and the budget was reduced by $10 million.

This project initially presented a challenge for Caltrans because this was only their fifth project applying CRCP technology, which they had to adapt to among the environmental challenges that the project team anticipated. Several innovations, such as resequencing the project stages, successfully finding cost-effective solutions to reducing waste, and implementing a short-term lookahead tool, resulted in preventing an anticipated 4-month delay in the timeline and reducing the budget by approximately $10 million. “Issues were never approached as show-stoppers, as the team instead looked immediately for solutions. All parties trusted that the other stakeholders shared the same goal—a successful project, delivered safely, ahead of schedule, and under budget.