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by | Jan 29, 2020

Photo of Sam and team members working on a project.

Sam Hassoun is the founder and president of Global Leadership Alliance, Inc. (GLA). GLA specializes in the development and implementation of Collaborative Dispute Mitigation (CDM) systems for agencies, organizations, and construction projects. Sam is an international trainer, keynote speaker, and regularly presents on the topics of Partnering and Leadership.

Sam Hassoun pioneered California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to become the first public agency to have on-line performance measures for partnering. He has over 35 years of experience working on an extensive list of infrastructure projects, with expertise in design, construction, and maintenance.

Why did Sam form GLA?

In 2001 Sam Hassoun founded GLA for the sole purpose of partnering and working collaboratively on large construction projects utilizing talent, skills, and expertise of stakeholders and people involved in the project. Sam believes projects can run more smoothly if stakeholders are spending their valuable time and expertise focused on the successful completion of the project, instead of positioning, filing claims, and resorting to arbitration or litigation to resolve their disputes.

The goal of GLA is to keep project leaders, team members and stakeholders focused on key project goals: safely, on time, within budget and quality. GLA conducts sessions between public work agencies representatives and contractors to focus on common goals, and prompt resolution of project issues as they arise.

Sam was inspired to push the collaborative approach while working as Office Chief of Partnering at Caltrans. It was there that Sam incorporated Partnering specifications and principles as an alternative to arbitration and litigation for mitigating disputes.

In a recent interview with ENR, Sam mentions, “I am very hopeful for our future. Within the next ten years, we will have five generations working together. Being Ambassadors of our industry and coaching the next generations will be our legacy for building future infrastructure monuments and leaders.”

GLA is called upon by a wide range of organizations around the world who are seeking to go above and beyond specification requirements. GLA clients are motivated to break through barriers, overcome challenges, and render exemplary project outcomes.

GLA’s mission is to Eradicate Arbitration and Litigation from the Construction Industry.

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