Sam Hassoun Gives Keynote Speech at 2020 Caltrans Innovation Expo

by | Dec 1, 2020

I’m Sam Hassoun with GLA – Global Leadership Alliance. Thank you for the opportunity to address a topic that I’m very passionate about. How to inspire and ignite human potential for innovation.

Every one of us has an amazing ability to imagine what to improve in the workplace and the world around us. Very few of us however have the opportunity to act on and implement what was once conceived as a vision and to turn it into reality. In order to create a meaningful and tangible innovation in any organization we must first create a culture. A culture that embraces and fosters an innovation mindset and start shifting our thinking from linear to exponential. This way of thinking is evident in everything around us. Just the last five years alone the exponential growth of technology is more than the last 50 years combined. Take a look at your phone. Take a look at your mobile device and what it’s capable of doing now and the potential applications of the telephone. Compared to only just a few years ago. Another example is the massive expansion of autonomous driving vehicle and how they’re becoming the new norm on our existing highways and freeways and how this technology is making its way to the construction industry and its implication and its positive impact on worker safety and efficiency. Modality options access by our phone. It’s already a way of life in many countries around the world and it’s making its way here, also in the US. None of these achievements and innovations could have been possible without an active and strategic partnership between government, industry, multitude of stakeholders, and ultimately the end user the public. Prior to launching our company GLA I had the honor and the pleasure of working with many hard working professionals at Caltrans where innovation and breakthroughs in design and construction of many infrastructure projects were the hallmarks of Caltrans that many other states, countries around the world wanted to copy and emulate.

Partnering with the construction industry, universities, research institutions was in the core of achieving such advancements and innovation within Caltrans. We are however entering a new arena. One that will require a shift in embracing technology and exponential thinking. The traditional linear progression will not sustain Caltrans as the leader in the transportation arena and an era at a time of exponential advancements. Expanding the partnership pool outside the traditional transit agencies and the construction industry to include communities and modality providers will be needed to provide mobility in California for the next decade and time to come.

This new approach cannot be more evident than the recent partnership between NASA and space x and the most recent launch of the space shuttle. In the words of Elon Musk, “Space X did not compete with NASA Space X partnered with NASA to find more innovative and efficient ways to help NASA achieve its mission.” Similarly Caltrans will be seeking partners to help them find innovative ways and approaches to mobility of people and goods across California and helping Caltrans achieve its number one goal and mission of safety and zero fatality on its transportation system. The timing couldn’t be better for Caltrans under its current leadership. The director is creating a culture of safety and innovation and leading the way with measurable and tangible results.

We at GLA are working very diligently with Caltrans to expand Partnering beyond its normal traditional sense of Partnering between agency and the construction industry. We’re in the process of launching the exp Foundation which stands for exponential to serve as an incubator for any employee from any entity who is seeking a platform to try new innovative approaches to specification processes and products that can be utilized to enhance the mobility of people and goods in the States.

Though our mission at GLA is to eradicate arbitration litigation from the construction industry, my personal mission is to inspire, motivate, and ignite human potential in professionals to achieve their optimum success and to pave the way for the next generation of leaders. Thank you again for having me.

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