GLA team honored with two Caltrans partnering awards

by | May 4, 2020

The GLA team stands for a group photo with Caltrans construction workers

GLA announced that they were recently the recipients of two Caltrans Excellence in Partnering Awards.  GLA received a prestigious Gold Award for their partnering work on the State Highway 65 Widening Project Phase 1.  They also were named as a Silver Award winner for excellent partnering work on the Interstate 15 Mountain Pass Agricultural Inspection Facility (AIF) project. This year, the GLA team was recognized for demonstrating the highest level of collaboration and partnering to deliver a successful project.

The Caltrans Excellence in Partnering Award is an annual statewide recognition of completed partnered contracts that best optimize principles of partnering. The main purpose is to celebrate success, share lessons learned of best practices and honor all contract stakeholders.  This year marks the 20th anniversary for the awards, which are judged on both objective and subjective criteria by a team composed of Caltrans construction managers and industry senior executives.

Factors used in selecting award recipients include adherence to the principles of partnering, overall team building, improved communications, innovation and joint problem solving and conflict/dispute resolution.

“Receiving such a prestigious industry award from Caltrans is a huge honor for our company,” said Sam Hassoun, GLA’s Chief Executive Officer.  “I’m so proud of the hard work and dedication that the entire GLA team exhibited on these award-winning projects.”

The Interstate 15 project includes adding a new Agricultural Inspection Station and by-pass and removing the existing Agricultural Inspection Station.  GLA’s partnering on this undertaking led to the entire project being completed ahead of schedule and under budget, all done safely without any loss of time injuries or traffic accidents.

GLA’s award-winning efforts on the State Highway 65 Widening Project Phase 1 included regular partnering meetings to discuss activities and address any potential problems. This level of collaborative communication resulted in minimizing the project impacts to the traveling public, local residents and businesses.  The project was completed on time and within budget.

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